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Ladies Night

BYOB and snacks

Third Thursday of each month


Registration Recommended you a teacher or a scout leader looking for a fun activity to do with the kids?  We offer you value for the experience.  For the cost of the pottery, children can paint and be taught what happens to their masterpiece.  We will show them how we glaze and fire pieces, so they can enjoy using their masterpieces. 


Wall of Tiles:
Decorate your school, church, playgrounds, new stores, or other public area with a tile wall.  We will give you the 4” tiles at $6 per piece (plus tax) or 6” tiles at $9 (plus tax) and you can sell them to donors or painters for a profit.  Once the event is done bring back the tiles and we will glaze and fire them for you.

We also sell the paints for $8.

We donate to your cause:
Host a fundraiser at PYOP Studio. We will provide you with a PDF that you can print off and hand out.  If someone brings in that paper during the fundraiser weekend we will donate 15% of their total to your cause.